Product lines

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EBAA Iron Inc.

Pipe restraints, flexible expansion joints and restrained couplings & flange adapters.

GA Industries

AWWA plug valves, butterfly valves, check valves, air release valves, pressure control valves, pump control valves, cone valves, plunger valves and surge control valves.

Waterman Industries

Sluice & slide gates, canal gates, stop logs & plates, weir gates, flap gates, drainage gates and water control gates in cast iron, stainless or aluminum.

Cretex Specialty Products

Internal and external manhole sealing products and Pro-Ring EPP lightweight manhole grade adjustment system.

Troy Valve

Telescoping valves, mud valves, hydro-static pressure relief valves, valve operators, stems, position indicators, pedestals, stem guides, T-handle wrenches & floor-stands.

Proco Products

Rubber, PTFE and flexible metal expansion joints.  In-line, flanged and slip fit rubber duck-bill check valves for backflow prevention.

GPK products

Gasketed and slolvent weld PVC pipe fittings for SDR 35 & SDR 26 gravity sewer, sch. 40, profile pipe and non-pressure C-900.

Indiana Seal

Flexible couplings, shear-ring couplings, fast-branch tees, shear-guards, reducers, seal caps, compression seals and saddle adapters.

Fisher Locators

Underground pipe & cable locators, digital line tracers, ferrous metal detectors, leak detectors and water level indicators for municipal and utility locating applications.


Municipal/industrial well pitless adapter systems and industrial pitless booster pump stations.


Custom pre-insulated pipe of all varieties for bridge crossings, snow-melt, slurry conveyance, district heating and general freeze protection.


ASTM F-1803 closed-profile large diameter gravity PVC direct bury and slipliner sewer pipe.

Baker Coupling Co.


 A full line of pipe couplings, fittings, repair clamps and expansion joints  for water, sewage and industrial systems.  Custom fabrication for large (up to 30' OD) or non standard sizes.

Southern Valve & Fitting


Comprehensive line of AWWA ductile and cast iron shut-off valves and check valves. UL/FM-approved fire protection valves and accessory items such as indicator posts, companion & blind flanges and gasket/bolt packs.